Monday, January 31, 2011

Turmoil in Egypt: One Protestor Rises Above

It was just another day of violating a government-imposed curfew for one Egyptian protestor.  Little did Khalid Aarif know that on that day, his life would change forever.

"I found an iPhone 4!  Right there in the street!  Allah be praised!"

Aarif, 25, was on his way to protest infront of a museum in Cairo.

"I was going to go in there and draw mustaches on some of the mummies, because I thought that would be funny.  Maybe move one's hand so it looked like it was on another mummy's butt, but the other day some people broke in and tore the heads off of them, so there were guards and everything there, so that wasn't going to happen.  So I went back out to join the crowd, and that is when it happened."

Laying there in the street, oblivious to everyone else, was an iPhone 4.

"At first, I thought no, that cannot be what I think it is but as I got closer I could tell it really was!"

Tragedy nearly struck as police opened fire on the crowd.

"This girl right next to me, she got shot in the chest and she was all dead and everything, and people were running around screaming and I am like oh man, I will never get to it now.  I bet that iPhone is going to get trampled!"

The iPhone did get knocked around by the crowd, but not smashed as Aarif feared.  It merely got kicked from the middle of the street over to the curb.

"I saw it had made its way to the other side so there was still a chance!  I figured the screen was probably broken, but it was still worth a shot.  As I finally made it there you could tell that it was in one of those Otter Box cases, and those things are strong, there was not a scratch on it!  Praise Allah!"

When asked what he was going to do with the phone, a smile came across Aarif's face.

"I am going to use it to tell the world of our struggle.  See?  I have already begun!"

He holds up the phone revealing he was in the process of sending out a new tweet that says "Mubarak is a dick!"

"They can't even block me!  I am behind seven proxies!"

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