Friday, April 1, 2011

Scientists discover incredibly rare hornless unicorn

Scientists today from the International Science Agency for promoting Awareness of Science announced that they have discovered a very rare and once thought to be mythical hornless unicorn in northern Wales.

While they are keeping the exact location under wraps as they continue to observe this inedibly rare and likely endangered species, they did say it was "first discovered on a farm close to that train station with the long ass crazy name."

The discovery was completely accidental said Professor Gene Pomeroy.

"We originally came up here looking for a dragon so we could kill it and steal it's gold, thinking since dragons are big so they would be easier to find than the leprechauns from our failed expeditions to Ireland, and instead we found a hornless unicorn. It's a great day for science!"

When it was suggested that the hornless unicorn might be just a horse or possibly even a pony, the professor was quick to curtail critics.

"It is not a horse. It is not a pony. It is a very rare hornless unicorn. Anyone that says otherwise is just a cynic that hates anything whimsical and fun and can only become aroused sexually by crushing the hopes and dreams of others. And they are probably a member of Al Quaeda. Whatever! You people know nothing about science anyhow! This press conference is over!"