Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stranded American Travelers Feel "Much Safer" From Cairo Protests

A massive snowstorm causing weather advisories in 29 states have left thousands of American tourists stranded at airports across the country, but many of them feel much better about being stranded than they would if they were in the streets of downtown Cairo, Egypt.

"Oh yeah I am much safer here at the airport than I would be in Egypt right now. They are firing guns on the streets over there. If I wanted to deal with that I'd just head up the road there to Gary, Indiana. Talk about a God forsaken war zone. Actually I'd feel safer in Cairo than I would in Gary. Is that a tape recorder?" said Jim Kowalski of Chicago.

Not all Travelers shared Mr. Kowalski's optimism, however.

"Well, I'm on my way to Mesa, Arizona so I'm not sure it is much different," said Vera Gallagher. When the situation of what was happening in Egypt was explained to Ms. Gallagher she merely shrugged and said "Well, I'm staying in a really bad neighborhood. Lots of meth."

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